British Shorthair Queens

Our Queens here at LunaRose Cats

Our Queens

We have 3 beautiful queens here at LunaRose who are the mummys’ to our lovely kittens.

Each queen is GCCF Registered as Active – which means they are registered to breed from and lovely examples of the British Shorthair breed. 

Kittens can only be registered as pedigree if they are bred from parents that are both on the “Active” register.

Beware of breeders saying of their kittens “they’re pedigree but don’t have the papers” – basically this means you can’t be sure of their history. 

You can be sure when you choose a kitten from us that they will be properly registered and bred within the guidelines of the GCCF (The Governing Council of the Cats Fancy).

DAISY – Our stunning Chocolate girl who is super friendly!

She adores her babies and is an amazing mum. 

ELSA – Our Blue Colour-Pointed girl.

With her cool looks she has stunning babies and is a devoted mum. She loves being with other cats and sees all of them as her best friend!

MUFFIN – Our Muffin is from our very first litter here at LunaRose.

She’s a special girl with her striking features and has grown into a beautiful chunky girl.

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