Gorgeous British Shorthair Stud

Our Stud -The father of all our babies born at LunaRose.


What can I say about this boy…

Cash is a Lilac British Shorthair and the daddy to all of our babies.

He is the softest, most gentle boy and this certainly passes down to his kittens!

His looks speak for themselves, and he’s not yet 2 years old!

Cash is GCCF Registered as “Active” which means he is registered for breeding.

Only cats on the “Active” register will be able to give kittens with pedigree paperwork.

All our kittens come with a GCCF Registration certificate and a 5 generation pedigree showing their unique family tree!

A registered kitten from us is a kitten that has been bred in accordance with the standards of the GCCF (The Governing Council of the Cats Fancy).

You can rest assured your kitten has been bred with their health and wellbeing as their prime concern, and has come from healthy, well looked after parents.

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